Funny Selfies


One of the greatest ideas for taking selfie for fun is to let everyone know. There is no reason why you should take a pic unceremoniously and let others not be part of it. We need to fun times when everyone in the photo is displaying his/her milk teeth. Their smiles can enlighten fun only when you had made them aware of the selfie.

The background also plays a great deal when taking this type of picture. How do you expect any fun when having a picture that has an ugly background? There have been times when guys were taking this kind of photo without minding what was on their back only to regret later. It can’t be fun when the background is guys doing bad behavior which you don’t like. You lied to your mom that you don’t drink yet she spotted a pic in your phone with guys smoking and drinking at the back. You may have no scapegoat so mind about the background every time.

You should make use of the selfie sticks because its fun. In fact this advice should have come as one of the top most ideas for taking such kind of a photo. These sticks are available everywhere today and people are making the most out of it. Now, with the stick the picture can have tens of people included because there is no issue of straining anymore. You should buy a stick that matches your smartphone and tab for extra fun.

There comes a time when you could be good in taking the photo but your smartphone has minimal hardware spec. Always use a phone that has a higher front camera megapixel. The other trick is to use a smartphone that has front LED light or flash. This will enlighten the place you are taking the photo giving it a superb look.