Blowjob guide: how to make the practice comfortable (especially for a woman)

how to do a blowjob

We have already written about cunnilingus and how to prepare for it. However, oral sex is not limited to them only – girls may want to give a blowjob. The sexologist told how to make the practice as comfortable as possible for women. 

What should be taken care of in advance?

Think about protection

First of all, you need to take care of security. If you and your partner have not been tested, it is advisable to use a condom. In addition to STIs, there are also diseases of the oral cavity, for which it is better not to engage in unprotected oral sex. Mouth ulcers, untreated caries and other inflammatory processes can provoke diseases in a partner. 

Learn anatomy 

Before a blowjob, you can get acquainted with the male anatomy: which part of the penis is more sensitive, which is less. So it will be easier for you to understand where to caress your partner and what to do. 

Discuss your expectations with your partner 

sex jokes maniaYou can ask your partner what he likes and share his expectations. What techniques and positions you want to try, where the partner will ejaculate. 

It would be nice to indicate what you think is unacceptable. And this applies not only to techniques, but also to the behavior of a partner during sex. For example, to warn that you will not tolerate depreciating phrases like “Those who were with me before did better.” It is worth initially designating your boundaries so that in the process you will be clear, comfortable and safe. 

Discuss techniques

Before a blowjob, you can watch simple techniques: what you can do with your tongue and different parts of your mouth. At the same time, it is not necessary to use only the mouth – you can help yourself with your hands. They can serve as a good limiter to regulate the depth of penetration. Also, if the compression of the mouth and the work of the tongue around the penis is not enough, you can additionally stimulate the partner with your hands. 

On this topic, you can read:

  • Sex Bible by Paul Joanidis
  • “He Cums Again” by Jan Kerner;
  • “I finish again and again. Oral sex and other ways to please each other”, Elena Galetskaya;
  • “Playing the Magic Flute”, Ekaterina Fedorova.

Take care of hygiene

A man can take a shower, and a woman can rinse her mouth. Do not brush your teeth right before a blowjob. Because of this, microcracks can form, and through them it is easier for microbes and infections to enter the body. If you are going to use your hands, the nails must be clean and tidy so as not to accidentally injure your partner. 

Designate a stop word

Stop words or stop gestures are needed to immediately stop the process if something goes wrong. During oral sex, it is still better to use the stop gesture, since it is inconvenient to talk during a blowjob. You can, for example, pat your partner on the thigh. 

What exactly should not be done? 

Ignore body signals

Some blowjob techniques can cause a choking effect and a gag reflex. Do not turn a blind eye to these signals. So the body tries to show that it is uncomfortable. The reflex is necessary for our body, Read the rest